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Pixo Token Presale

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Pixoverse is a first of a kind Casino Metaverse which is characterised by AAA grade hyper realistic elements. Pixoverse aims to change the landscape of user experience in Casino Gaming. At the heart of this revolution is our commitment to fostering a community-run metaverse, where users enjoy a real sense of ownership where they are shapers of their own narratives. In Pixoverse you will be able to Own Virtual AAA Casinos and not just own but get monthly recurring revenues from the Casinos!


Presale Address 0xe1f4360f4b840113d0daf0ca7fcc9139c540b328

(Do not send USDT to the presale address!)


Token Name Pixo Token

Token Symbol PIXO

Token Decimals 18

Token Address 0x402A165107D1AC76BdfCe938A8Ec9aF015268ed4

(Do not send USDT to the token address!)


Total Supply 1,170,000,000 PIXO


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