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Solana’s SOL outperformed other top crypto assets in October with a 50% gain. SOL is also up over 250% year-to-date. The surge comes after last year’s downturn when investors speculated the future of Solana after the collapse of the ecosystem’s top backer, FTX, threw the blockchain’s future in disarray. The Solana community is currently hosting its annual conference Breakpoint in Amsterdam. According to a growth report on Solana by Messari, “if Solana’s growth story is to continue, a constant stream of new experiments will have to flood in, with a few grand slams finding product market fit.” Bitcoin witnessed a 23% gain in October after hitting a 16-month high of $35,000 on Oct. 23. Ether had a less impressive month, gaining just 3%. Chainlink’s LINK followed behind Solana with a 42% uptick over the same period

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