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wAIge Fair Launch

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wAIge – Replacing workers with cutting-edge AI solutions and redirecting the profits to wAIge holders as income. πŸ‘₯ Highly Experienced Team πŸ“ˆ Short & Long-Term solid Marketing budget πŸ§‘‍🌾 Big Influencers βœ… 4 CEXs Listings – T1 CEX Confirmed πŸ’Ή Staking LIVE πŸ”„ Reflections to Stakers πŸ—“ Long-term project;-Solid 5 year development Plan βœ… Vibrant, supportive, ever growing community πŸ”₯Receive Cashback upto 15% for the first 100 ETH πŸ”₯


Presale Address 0x50f1386a4c65c5f3ba3834ccdb64766421faf4e6

Token Name wAIge

Token Symbol wAIge

Token Decimals 18

Token Address 0x8fe90f7a6863892d2062688047Bdf4F922Bc342e

(Do not send ETH to the token address!)


Total Supply 1,000,000,000 wAIge


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