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Magic-BOT Fair Launch

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Magic-BOT is a Sniper Bot with integrated AI technology. Staking with 450% APY and fully functional Swap, Contract and rigorously audited platform. A complete DEX! Cex Tier 1 confirmed, partnership, CMC & CG Fast-Track! +50 KOLs! Incubator Based ! 11% Pinksale Buyback + Team Buyback ! Avedex and Dextools #1 Trend ! Join us and watch the magic happen. 0% fee




Presale Address: 0x84baddaed0d951c5a041a594c61840d6b4ca7c50


Token Name:                       Magic-BOT

Token Symbol:                    $MAGIC

Token Decimals:                 18


Token Address: 0x861950d091704C80B2a0F69D4B3431F0aeD7Dc7A


Total Supply:                       1,000,000 $MAGIC

Tokens For Presale:           250,000 $MAGIC

Tokens For Liquidity:         95,000 $MAGIC

Initial Market Cap:             $10,451

Soft Cap:                              4 ETH


Presale Start Time:            2023.11.07 16:53 (UTC)

Presale End Time:               2023.11.09 19:45 (UTC)

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