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Kalium Network Fair Launch

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🌍Kalium Network: Your Gateway to On-Chain Privacy. Seamlessly integrated with Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and NEAR for enhanced privacy via ZK cryptography💻Kalium Network will be present at NEARCON2023 🏁 Kali Token’s launch has low fees. It is aimed at Kalium Network finalization and scaling. It also sets up Kali Token as primary ecosystem payment method.🛡️ Borrowing and Lending products are backed 100% by the treasury and will be released soon✔️ Live+Audited Stake dApp 🔥 T1&T2 Multiple CEX Listing’s ♻️




Presale Address: 0xb6816c79c52be4a28551b00a376ac83cf95e771c



Token Name:                          Kalium Network

Token Symbol:                       KALI

Token Decimals:                    18


Token Address: 0x33f68242547C8499e98461BD53d0492aa538E257


Total Supply:                          1,000,000 KALI

Tokens For Presale:               150,000 KALI

Tokens For Liquidity:             88,200 KALI

Initial Market:                         $19,804

Soft Cap:                                  50 BNB


Presale Start Time:                 2023.11.08 15:00 (UTC)

Presale End Time:                    2023.11.11 15:00 (UTC)

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