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X.VPN Fair Launch

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Brainstorm Labs(BS实验室)推出的分布式VPN项目,接力Clash,公平发射!项目基于区块链技术,将用户的设备作为网络节点,以点对点的方式为其他用户提供 VPN 服务。参与者通过提供网络节点和带宽资源,可以获得项目代币作为奖励。 Brainstorm Labs(BS Labs) is launching a decentralized VPN project that runs on blockchain technology, delivering a fair launch! The project leverages users’ devices as network nodes, enabling peer-to-peer provision of VPN services to other users. Participants who contribute network nodes and bandwidth resources will be rewarded with project tokens.




Presale Address: 0x4f913474EAa16470F6d856C3e6e218ed414e2304


Token Name:                       X.VPN

Token Symbol:                    XVPN

Token Decimals:                 18



Token Address: 0x7253c18dF6bae45a267E8C190A82a9b27505d894


Total Supply:                       1,000,000,000 XVPN

Tokens For Presale:            500,000,000 XVPN

Tokens For Liquidity:          475,000,000 XVPN

Initial Market Cap:              $24,025

Soft Cap:                               50 BNB


Presale Start Time:             2023.11.16 12:00 (UTC)

Presale End Time:                2023.11.22 12:00 (UTC)

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