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In 2023, Ripple’s XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with fintech company Ripple, has experienced remarkable growth, with its price surging over 90% since January. Despite a 6% correction in the daily charts, analysts foresee further upward momentum for the asset.


Renowned crypto researcher Tony “The Bull” suggests that Ripple’s XRP might embark on a substantial 900% rally. The analyst points to a pattern observed in the token’s historical data, reminiscent of the setup witnessed in late 2017 just before a significant bull run. Tony states, “XRP has formed the same 1M Japanese candlestick setup as late 2017, right before a 900% candle.” If this projection materializes, XRP’s price could potentially reach $6.6, nearly doubling its previous all-time high of $3.40 recorded in January 2018.



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