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Kilroy Fair Launch

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$KILROY Was Here – The Worlds First Meme, is a graffiti doodle consisting of a bald man with his nose hanging and his hands clutched over a wall, accompanied by the caption “Kilroy Was Here.”🧱0 TAX⚖️ Experienced Team With 140x,15x and 7x Previous🌙 Spaces during the pre-sale and AMA’S🎙 First 0-50 ETH buyers will get 5% cashback 🤩 Make sure to use the 5% affiliate rewards to earn some CASH! 💵

Presale Address: 0x2799703442d32c4181e735c6f30e672c1c854bba

Token Name:               Kilroy

Token Symbol:            KILROY

Token Decimals:         18


Token Address: 0x5Ea4138d9De5376C34497757B3d7e99152891D7f


Total Supply:               194,400,000 KILROY


Tokens For Presale:    115,232,343 KILROY


Tokens For Liquidity:  57,593,125.0314 KILROY


Soft Cap:                       1 ETH


Presale Start Time:     2023.10.19 10:00 (UTC)

Presale End Time:        2023.10.20 21:00 (UTC)

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