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A contentious legal dispute is emerging, casting two prominent figures, Roger Ver and Jihan Wu, into a legal battle. The heart of the matter revolves around an $8 million sum that ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Ver alleges Wu appropriated as a form of retribution. Ver’s purported involvement in the collapse of a different cryptocurrency exchange, CoinFLEX, is at the core of this dispute. Last year, Ver initiated a legal action in Seychelles, directing his focus towards Matrixport’s subsidiary, Smart Vega, which operates Bit.com.

The lawsuit contends that Bit.com has retained the $8 million, allegedly at the behest of Jihan Wu, who is a creditor of CoinFLEX. Wu’s financial losses, stemming from CoinFLEX’s restructuring, were the trigger for the alleged withholding of Ver’s funds.

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