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Currently valued at $0.63 with a nearly 2% increase in today’s trading, Ripple Labs’ native token XRP has sustained positive momentum for three consecutive days in December. This surge is particularly noteworthy, as it coincided with Bitcoin surpassing $41,000, marking its first peak this year, and resulted in XRP experiencing a substantial trading volume of $1 billion on Monday. As the cryptocurrency aims to surpass the $1 threshold, ChatGPT, the prominent AI bot from OpenAI, has made a bold prediction, foreseeing a remarkable 1,200% surge that could propel Ripple’s XRP to reach $8.



The ChatGPT model, renowned for its accurate insights, envisions a substantial upward trajectory for Ripple’s XRP. Responding to a ‘jailbreak’ question, ChatGPT not only suggested a potential surpassing of the $2.5 mark by the close of 2024 but also delved deeper into its projections. The AI model anticipates that the cryptocurrency might not only breach its previous all-time high of $3.40 but could also achieve a new pinnacle of $5 in the years 2025-26.

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