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Humans are complex beings with consciousness, emotions, and the capacity to act based on thoughts. In the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity, humans consistently remain primary targets for attackers. Over the years, these attackers have developed their expertise in exploiting various human qualities, sharpening their skills to manipulate biases and emotional triggers with the objective of influencing human behaviour to compromise security whether it be personal and organisational security.

 Human behaviour is complex

Some of our fundamental traits can be outlined as follows:

Trust – Humans place their trust in others, assuming inherent goodness.

Empathy – Humans exhibit care for others and their feelings.

Ego – Humans harbour a competitive spirit, aspiring to outshine their peers.

Guilt – Humans experience remorse for their actions, especially when they harm others.

Greed – Humans desire possessions and may succumb to impulsivity.

Urgency – Humans respond promptly to situations demanding immediate attention.

Vulnerability – Humans often grapple with fear and are candid about their emotions.

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