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The realm of cryptocurrencies is not immune to challenges. This is evidenced by a recent occurrence involving Portuguese Bitcoin advocate Hugo Ramos. In a surprising twist, Ramos became a victim of a bug exploit within the Lightning Network. This resulted in the loss of a significant 4.07 BTC (equivalent to approximately $164,500). This unfortunate incident has not only deeply affected Ramos personally but has also prompted discussions about the perils associated with experimental technologies and the necessity of securing family savings.

The exploit that led to Ramos’s financial setback was linked to a bug within the Lightning Network plugin known as LNBank. This was developed by Dennis Reimann at BTCPay Server. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Reimann issued a warning to NOSTR. He urged all instances utilizing LNBank to promptly update to LNBank v1.8.9 to address the critical vulnerability. Unfortunately for Ramos, this cautionary message arrived too late. This was because the damage had already been inflicted.

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