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MinerGateToken Fair Launch

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🔒Secure WEB3 with MinerGate Tools-Powered by $MGT⛩️MinerGate is your indispensable second layer of Web3 security,offering a wide range of user-centric cybersecurity solutions🌐Most Loved RPC Nodes&Developer APIs🚀All-in-One Development Platform🔐Restoring Trust in Web3 Security🛡️Protection Against Six Types of Risks⛩️Join the MinerGate community and fortify your Web3 journey with our cutting-edge security tools🔒KYC Verified by Pinksale⛩️Audited by SolidProof⛩️SAFU Certified by TheMatrixLabs⛩️



Presale Address 0x86cd05c8d242652cc76673506871e04039d4fb68

Token Name MinerGateToken

Token Symbol MGT

Token Decimals 18

Token Address 0xa0bCC6A1a39304327e3563Ccdaa4A1c9F33DC73a

(Do not send BNB to the token address!)


Total Supply 500,000,000 MGT



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