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Polygon Labs, known for scaling networks on Ethereum, has redirected its attention to “Polygon CDK,” a blockchain development kit leveraging zero-knowledge cryptography. The prior tool, “Polygon Edge,” utilized by Dogechain in an unofficial capacity for constructing a Dogecoin-centric smart-contracts network, is now deprecated.



The move signifies Polygon Labs discontinuing support for Polygon Edge, an older blockchain template predating the adoption of zero-knowledge cryptography as a fundamental technology within the project.


Dogechain, not officially endorsed by Dogecoin project leaders, employed Polygon Edge to establish a new network facilitating transactions using Dogecoin’s DOGE as gas fees.



Polygon Labs, the principal force behind the Polygon blockchain ecosystem, has ceased contributions to Polygon Edge, the open-source software initially used as a template for Dogechain, which aimed to introduce DeFi functionalities to the Dogecoin community.


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