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In the latest market update, SHIB is currently valued at $0.00001009, marking a 7% daily decrease. December has been a rollercoaster for Shiba Inu investors, witnessing notable price fluctuations. Despite the turbulence, SHIB has showcased a prevalence of upward trends, eliminating a zero and experiencing a nearly 16% surge.



According to Changelly’s analysis, the volatility trend is expected to persist until the end of December. The forecast suggests a potential 10% dip from the current value, projecting SHIB to reach $0.000009449 on December 29. However, optimism prevails as the prediction also hints at a subsequent recovery for SHIB.



Looking at the month’s price projection, Changelly anticipates a 5% decline on the second-to-last day of December. Nevertheless, there is optimism that SHIB will conclude the year on a positive note, with a projected 5% increase on December 31, bringing its trading value to $0.00001111. Investors remain watchful for the anticipated twists and turns in the meme coin’s journey as the year concludes.


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