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Despite recent fluctuations in the NFT market, its potential remains strong. Are we adequately prepared for upcoming booms and the associated hurdles? bitsCrunch, led by Vijay Pravin, presents innovative solutions.




During Cointelegraph’s recent AMA, Vijay Pravin, the founder and CEO of bitsCrunch, shed light on the blockchain analytics and forensics platform. This tool not only estimates NFT prices but also ensures fraud detection, offers comprehensive NFT analytics, and more. Notably, bitsCrunch has collaborated with industry giants such as Dapradar, Unstoppable Domains, EY, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Mastercard.



Vijay delved into the specifics of bitsCrunch tools tailored for NFT creators, builders, analytics professionals, as well as brands and enterprises. The discussion encompassed the current state of the NFT market and the challenges it faces


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