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Ethereum Classic Half Life

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Welcome to Ethereum Classic Half-Life Blockchain (EHL) the first layer 3 blockchain EHL is a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize the blockchain space by introducing a Layer 3 structure, scaling Layer 2 operations for original Layer 1 adoption. EHL is designed to address key challenges facing existing blockchain ecosystems such as ~Scalability ~Limited Decentralization ~Interoperability ~Complexity ~Blockchain Adoption ~Blockchain Startup Initiative Offering a more efficient, secure, and decentralized platform. Experience seamless trading on our Decentralized Swap (DEX), and benefit from our Launchpad for exciting new projects. With an experienced team at the helm, an active community, and enticing community rewards, we’re reshaping the future of blockchain. ~Auto Liquidity ~Strategic partnerships with major Centralized Exchanges (CEXs). ~Stake and Earn exclusive NFTs (EHL NFT Punkventure) ~Engage in presale buy competitions, and be rewarded not only with tokens but also exclusive NFTs, that can be Staked for rewards ~3% Buy and Sell tax ~Periodic Burn Events Join us as we redefine the landscape of decentralized finance! 🌐💎 Official Link 🔗





Presale Address:                  0xAe5…160C


Sale Type:                               Fair Launch


Token Name:                          Ethereum Classic Half Life


Token Symbol:                         EHL


Token Address: 0xE33C78BbC86237B6Af4eC19236382Ba728a8b37C



Total Supply:                            10,000,000,000


Tokens For Presale:                 3,000,000,000


Tokens For Liquidity:                1,530,000,000


Soft Cap:                                      2 ETH


Start Time (UTC):                        2023-12-27 12:00

End Time (UTC]:                           2023-12-30 16:00

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