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Cardano (ADA):


Cardano emerges as a noteworthy cryptocurrency with the potential for substantial growth in 2024. Recognized for its active development, Cardano stands as a robust competitor to Ethereum (ETH). Speculations abound that ADA might surpass the $25 threshold, particularly in the event of a bullish market trend in 2024.



Polygon (MATIC):


Having recently exceeded the $1 milestone, Polygon (MATIC) witnessed a subsequent dip below $1. Despite this correction, MATIC still boasts a growth of over 30% in the last month. As one of the most sought-after networks, should a bullish market materialize in 2024, MATIC could experience a surge, potentially surpassing the $25 mark.




Ripple’s XRP remains a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market. However, its legal standing faces uncertainty amid an ongoing lawsuit with the SEC now in the US high court. With a favorable district court verdict for Ripple, expectations are high for a similar outcome in the high court. A positive ruling could propel XRP’s price, especially if coupled with a bullish market scenario.


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