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A new Go-based malware loader called JinxLoader is being used by threat actors to deliver next-stage payloads such as Formbook and its successor XLoader.

The disclosure comes from cybersecurity firms Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 and Symantec, both of which highlighted multi-step attack sequences that led to the deployment of JinxLoader through phishing attacks.

“The malware pays homage to League of Legends character Jinx, featuring the character on its ad poster and [command-and-control] login panel,” Symantec said. “JinxLoader’s primary function is straightforward – loading malware.”

Unit 42 revealed in late November 2023 that the malware service was first advertised on hackforums[.]net on April 30, 2023, for $60 a month, $120 a year, or for a lifetime fee of $200.

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