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Three new malicious packages have been discovered in the Python Package Index (PyPI) open-source repository with capabilities to deploy a cryptocurrency miner on affected Linux devices.

The three harmful packages, named modularseven, driftme, and catme, attracted a total of 431 downloads over the past month before they were taken down.

“These packages, upon initial use, deploy a CoinMiner executable on Linux devices,” Fortinet FortiGuard Labs researcher Gabby Xiong said, adding the campaign shares overlaps with a prior campaign that involved the use of a package called culturestreak to deploy a crypto miner.

The malicious code resides in the __init__.py file, which decodes and retrieves the first stage from a remote server, a shell script (“unmi.sh”) that fetches a configuration file for the mining activity as well as the CoinMiner file hosted on GitLab.

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