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Web3 Forum solving the prevailing incentive misalignments in Web2 platforms, which predominantly prioritize ad revenue generation at the expense of user ownership and platform governance. Talk Online emboldens free speech and user autonomy through smart contracts, ensuring only content owners can modify their contributions. A tri-contract structure, with the TALK token at its core, facilitates a community-driven ecosystem (DAO), offering an alternative to traditional corporate and governmental structures.


Presale Address 0x0226c193c498f05d66fafa00eb322a950ab17b29

Token Name Talk.Online

Token Symbol TALK

Token Decimals 18

Token Address 0x0747104f7c3eeEcEF4852b22Cb8d4763A8b0e687

(Do not send ETH to the token address!)


Total Supply 100,000,000 TALK


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