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Drawn by fate, you stand before the entrance of a hidden pachinko parlor, guided there by a beckoning lucky cat. The neon-lit doors swing open to reveal rows of empty machines, shrouded in mystery. Today, you have been summoned to fulfill a cryptic calling – to build a new empire ruled by community, not corporations. An underground ecosystem where profits are shared, not hoarded. Join us on a mission to revolutionize casino gaming as we know it. To take back power from the house always winning and give it to the people. 💧Frictionless gaming – play anywhere! ⚡️ Fast payouts – on the world’s fastest blockchain 🏆 Lossless lottery – Everyone wins! 🌟 Host your own games – Earn $$$ BEING THE HOUSE! ✅ Provably fair 💰 Reward multiplier





Presale Address:                 0x4AA…a6497



Token Name:                         PACHINEKO


Token Symbol:                      PNEKO



Token Address: 




Total Supply:                        500,000,000


Tokens For Presale:             220,000,000


Tokens For Liquidity:           102,000,000


Soft Cap:                                 50 ETH


Hard Cap:                                 100 ETH


Unused Tokens:                      Burn


Presale Start Time (UTC):     TBA

Presale End Time (UTC):        TBA

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