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Seed Raise for Jada Ai – Building Artificial General Intelligence

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Jada is embarking on a token raise to expedite our centralized exchange listing! Our mission is to build safe and ethical Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Your participation in the pre-adoption phase of our JADX utility token will help power our vision and grant you access to our AI Prototype being released later in 2024. The Ether raised will be strategically allocated to the following key areas; – Accelerating the development of our AGI Prototype by growing our team and infrastructure – Tier 1 Centralized Exchange listing to make our AI accessible to enterprises globally About the Jada Ai Project: Jada Ai is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) currently being developed by a global team of researchers and scientists. It will represent a significant evolution towards achieving Strong AI technology, aiming to reach ethical, sustainable, and zero-flaw precision when assisting with complex industrial processes and problem solving operations. Designed for enterprise-scale organizations, Jada Ai will be ideal for autonomously executing complex industrial processes and decision-making tasks, particularly for those addressing humanity’s most challenging problems. Jada Ai is being built with the innovative S3 Architecture, enabling it to be capable of self-learning and to have an understanding of its environmental impact. This sets it apart from current-generation Machine Learning and Large Language Models, which are limited in scope and dependent on human-led heavy maintenance while being prone to hallucinations.





Special Sale Address:               0xa46…04d24


Sale Type:                                    Manual Launch


Token Name:                                Jada Finance


Token Symbol:                              jadx



Token Address: 




Total Supply:                            1,000,000,000,000


Tokens For Special Sale:         1,125,000,000


Soft Cap:                                     50 ETH


Hard Cap:                                     150 ETH



Sale Start Time (UTC):              2024-01-09 00:00

Sale End Time (UTC):                 2024-01-12 23:50

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