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Following the regulatory approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US, Valkyrie Investments CEO Steven McClurg expresses optimism for Ethereum and XRP. He sees potential doors opening for additional digital asset offerings with SEC-sanctioned ETFs, especially after the approval of a long-awaited Bitcoin fund.





McClurg suggests that as Bitcoin paves the way, filings for ETFs tracking other prominent cryptocurrencies may follow suit. Valkyrie Investments aims to be at the forefront of this development, aligning its products with the increasing demand for institutional investment. When evaluating XRP’s prospects, McClurg highlights recent positive developments surrounding Ripple’s native token. Grayscale’s unexpected decision to reintegrate XRP into its Digital Large Cap fund last week indicates a shift in sentiment towards the asset entangled in an SEC lawsuit.


McClurg believes that this change, coupled with improving legal clarity and functionality for XRP, may encourage ETF issuers to explore the creation of investment vehicles tied to XRP. While not ruling out Valkyrie’s potential involvement, McClurg emphasizes the importance of the right conditions for such participation.



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