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**Special Liquidity Raise for Bad Idea AI ($BAD)** Bad Idea AI ($BAD) is embarking on a special liquidity raise to expedite our next centralized exchange listings! We are aiming to raise 170 Ethereum to accelerate this process and further our mission. Pricing is set to a 15% bonus in tokens at the price this special sale started. Our last raise was so widely successful it sold out quickly! This raise will be used for the following purposes: 1. Liquidity for Tier 1 CEX Listing 2. Liquidity for Tier 2 CEX Listing 3. Additional LP for Sushiswap and Shibaswap This will help reinforce the current price levels on the next leg up! **About Bad Idea AI ($BAD)** Bad Idea AI is a decentralized experiment that combines Blockchain, AI, and DAOs in a risky, meme-worthy concoction. The project explores the potential outcomes of a world where AI and humans share decision-making power. It’s a grand experiment in trust, with humans and AI working together within a tokenized ecosystem to shape the future. The project is a part of the Shib ecosystem and has received direct support from the larger community. It’s listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, demonstrating its growing recognition in the crypto space. Importantly, the project has been audited by InterFi, providing an additional layer of trust and security for its participants. **Accomplishments** Bad Idea AI has achieved several significant milestones. The project has been listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, two of the most popular platforms for tracking cryptocurrency prices and market capitalizations. This listing has increased the visibility of the project and has made it easier for potential investors to find and invest in $BAD. Furthermore, Bad Idea AI is a part of the Shibarium ecosystem, which means it has received direct support from a larger community. . **Helpful Links** CoinMarketCap: CoinGecko:




Special Sale Address:                   0xFA6…EE924



Sale Type:                                        Manual Launch


Token Name:                                    BAD IDEA AI


Token Symbol:                                 BAD



Token Address: 




Total Supply:                                  830,963,073,158,558


Tokens For Special Sale               4,231,910,300,000


Soft Cap:                                          51 ETH


Hard Cap:                                          170 ETH


Special Sale Start Time (UTC):    2023-08-28 17:00

Special Sale End Time (UTC):       2023-08-29 17:00

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