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When Bitcoin surpassed $42,000 in the previous December, it sparked discussions about a potential “supercycle,” projecting Bitcoin’s value to reach $500,000, as reported by Bloomberg. Delving into the potential repercussions of such a significant rise for Bitcoin, we turned to Google Bard, an AI system, to analyze its impact on the meme coin Shiba Inu. While acknowledging the inherent complexity and uncertainty in predicting cryptocurrency values, Bard identified four key factors influencing Shiba Inu’s price movement for context in its analysis.



Considering these factors, Bard estimated that a surge in Bitcoin to $500,000 could potentially lead to a 500% to 1,000% increase in SHIB’s value. This projection would position Shiba Inu within the range of $0.0000495 to $0.0000990, based on its current price of approximately $0.0000097.




Nevertheless, Bard cautioned that the correlation between the two assets might fluctuate significantly in such elevated price territories. Additionally, Bard pointed out that fundamental developments within the Shiba Inu ecosystem could drive substantial movements independently of Bitcoin’s fluctuations.


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