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In 2024, investors are contemplating the potential profitability of two prominent assets – Shiba Inu (SHIB) and XRP. XRP has established itself as a leading choice for cross-border remittances, bolstered by partnerships with various financial institutions and involvement in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) initiatives. On the contrary, Shiba Inu faces challenges in achieving a similar level of adoption and currently lacks substantial utility. However, the recent introduction of its layer-2 network, Shibarium, aims to enhance the utility of the SHIB token.




Despite these factors, XRP may outshine Shiba Inu in the coming year. XRP is currently navigating regulatory uncertainties, particularly with the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit pending in the high court. Investors are eagerly awaiting a verdict that could significantly impact XRP’s future. A previous US district court ruling in favor of Ripple, stating that XRP sales to retail clients did not violate securities laws, provides some optimism. If the high court echoes a similar sentiment, XRP’s value could experience a notable surge in 2024.


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