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Andrew Kang, co-founder of Mechanism Capital, sees the recent Bitcoin ETF launches as a pivotal moment for institutional adoption, suggesting a more significant impact on alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) than on Bitcoin itself. Kang predicts that the participation of mainstream institutions in Bitcoin will lead to reduced volatility for the cryptocurrency. Instead of witnessing explosive short-term rallies, he anticipates steadier, albeit less dramatic, long-term gains. This shift could position Bitcoin as a stable store of value, attracting a different type of investor.


In Kang’s analysis, the decreased volatility in Bitcoin, coupled with consistent gains, builds overall market confidence—an environment conducive to altcoin growth. As Bitcoin matures into a digital gold role, characterized by slower climbs over extended periods, assets categorized as lower on the “risk curve” may thrive due to increased risk tolerance. This, in turn, sets the stage for a potential breakout in the altcoin market.




Recent trends support Kang’s perspective, as Bitcoin’s dominance in the market has already decreased by 6% since the ETF debut on January 16. Despite Bitcoin’s struggle for momentum post-ETF approval, altcoins are displaying greater stability. The ongoing rotation from Bitcoin to altcoins appears unabated, suggesting a continuous shift even as some analysts predict a broader market correction. Whether Bitcoin faces further decline or stabilizes around $40k, the groundwork seems laid for altcoins to take center stage in the early months of 2024.



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