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In the midst of recent fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market affecting Ripple XRP, an analyst, recognized for thorough technical analysis under the pseudonym EGRAG, maintains an optimistic forecast. Despite the current downtrend, EGRAG asserts that XRP could experience a significant surge, potentially reaching $2.80 after reaching a bottom.


EGRAG, known for extensive chart analysis of crypto assets, reaffirmed his forecast this week, envisioning a substantial rally for XRP. His prediction suggests a remarkable increase of over 500%, aiming for initial targets in the $2.80 range.





While pinpointing upside targets in the volatile crypto space is challenging, EGRAG anticipates an initial surge of 500% for XRP, from its current levels around $0.56. However, he emphasizes that this would merely mark the beginning of a more substantial rally. Looking ahead, EGRAG envisions XRP challenging and surpassing its former peak above $3.30. Despite the waiting game imposed by broader market factors influencing short-term price action, EGRAG remains confident that patience will be rewarded once selling pressure subsides.


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