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According to Santiment’s research, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRPLedger have experienced substantial profit increases, reaching 83%, 84%, and 81%, respectively. These figures exceed historical averages ranging from 55% to 75% since 2018. While these gains seem promising, understanding the context is crucial.


Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, influenced by factors like market sentiment, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. Despite the current heightened risk, the crypto market remains dynamic and subject to rapid shifts. While predicting short-term movements is challenging, Santiment suggests monitoring a signal for potential long-term growth. A drop below 75% of profits could signal a change in market dynamics, serving as a benchmark to assess sustainability.





Despite a positive outlook, Bitcoin faces selling pressure, resulting in a 7% decline in the past week. This contrasts with robust inflows into Bitcoin ETFs, raising questions about the market’s current state and external factors affecting Bitcoin’s value. XRPLedger, with 81.6 billion in profit (81% of the total supply), presents an intriguing case. Though lower than a previous high, it exceeds the October low of about 71 billion (71% of the total supply), showcasing resilience despite profit fluctuations.


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