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In a significant shift, Apple Inc. is recalibrating its decade-long pursuit of an electric car, opting for a more modest design as it aims to finally introduce a vehicle to the market. Initially envisioning a fully autonomous car, sources familiar with the project reveal that Apple is now focusing on developing an electric vehicle with more restricted features.




Citing sources, the delay in the project is attributed, in part, to a strategic change from the initial plan of launching a car equipped with true self-driving capabilities on highways. Instead, Apple is said to be targeting an automated driver-assist feature classified at Level 2 on the SAE scale of self-driving capability. This aligns with systems offered by industry counterparts such as Tesla, General Motors, and Ford, where the vehicle can operate autonomously under specific conditions but requires continuous monitoring by a driver.




Previously, Apple had aspired to create a car allowing the driver to engage in activities like watching videos or browsing the web during highway travel, with the capacity to regain control when necessary. This ambition would have placed the vehicle at Level 4 on the SAE scale, closer to the ultimate goal of Level 5, where a car matches human capabilities. Reports suggest that Apple had initially envisioned a car without traditional controls, such as a steering wheel and pedals, and even explored the concept of a remote command center for potential takeovers in challenging situations. Despite these earlier plans, the company has now opted for a more conservative approach in its pursuit of an electric vehicle, with the launch expected to be pushed back to 2028.

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