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Bitcoin has demonstrated resilience, maintaining a price above $42,000 after a weekend dip, encountering resistance at key levels like $43,600 and $45,589. The launch of the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the United States has stirred a mix of excitement and skepticism within the crypto community.




Economist and Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has taken this opportunity to reiterate his concerns about the cryptocurrency’s fate. When questioned about the possibility of BTC reaching $10 million by 2031, Schiff redirects the conversation, emphasizing the potential impact of the U.S. dollar’s demise due to hyperinflation, drawing parallels with the historical German Papiermark.





Bitcoin’s journey is marked by challenges and controversies, with varying opinions on its future value. Schiff’s persistent skepticism and belief in Bitcoin’s eventual demise contribute to the ongoing debate. As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, scrutiny from investors, enthusiasts, and critics intensifies, all eagerly anticipating pivotal developments that will shape BTC’s trajectory in the coming years.

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