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Just a day after the initial hands-on reviews of Apple’s Vision Pro surfaced, the tech giant has promptly released a security patch for its mixed reality headset. This update, visionOS 1.0.2, focuses on rectifying a vulnerability within WebKit, the browser engine powering Safari and various web applications on the device. Apple acknowledges that this vulnerability “may have been exploited” by hackers in real-world scenarios.




The patched bug, officially designated as CVE-2024-23222, is the same one addressed in last week’s iOS 17.3 update, which covered iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple TV— all relying on WebKit. Notably, Apple Watch did not receive patches for this particular bug. While it remains uncertain whether malicious hackers specifically targeted the Vision Pro, Apple spokesperson Scott Radcliffe refrained from providing details when questioned by TechCrunch. The identity and motives of the exploiters also remain unknown.





It’s a common strategy for malicious actors, including spyware developers, to exploit vulnerabilities in WebKit to gain access to the device’s underlying operating system and user data. WebKit bugs can be exploited when a user visits a malicious domain in their browser or the in-app browser. Apple has consistently rolled out patches for WebKit vulnerabilities over the past year.



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