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Bitcoin is currently in the midst of a buying spree following the SEC’s approval of the BTC ETF last month. With a steady climb, Bitcoin now trades at the $48,000 mark, fueled by substantial bullish activity from whales who invested $6.2 billion in BTC, accumulating 140,000 Bitcoins within the span of just 30 days.





This surge is creating a classic ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) sentiment among investors, prompting speculation about whether BTC will reach $57,000. Let’s explore the factors influencing Bitcoin’s ascent and the implications of the $6.2 billion whale investment. To comprehend why Bitcoin reached $48,000 this month, it’s essential to recognize the easing selling pressure from Bitcoin ETF investors. This week’s relief has contributed to a significant increase in BTC prices over the past 14 days, signaling robust demand for the Bitcoin ETF as sustainable price growth continues.




Additionally, the shift toward ‘long positions’ by Bitcoin ETF holders and miners is a key driver behind the rising BTC prices. As institutional investors take extended positions in Bitcoin, the limited selling pressure further propels the cryptocurrency’s value. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the dual nature of this trend. While Bitcoin ETF investors and miners are contributing to the current surge, they also have the ability to exit and secure profits, potentially impacting the market. In the coming days, the main vulnerability lies with average investors who tend to join the market only during upward BTC trends.


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