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In 2021, the Shiba Inu token, with its dog-themed appeal, soared in the cryptocurrency market, delivering substantial profits. However, as 2022 commenced, SHIB encountered a bearish downturn, continuously moving backward with minimal price surges. The addition of an extra zero in the charts dashed hopes of achieving a $1 million profit.





The primary obstacle hindering SHIB’s sustained price growth is its vast supply of 549 trillion tokens, an endless and monumental quantity that hampers Shiba Inu’s advancement. Despite the anticipation surrounding the Shibarium layer-2 solution, which was expected to burn trillions of SHIB tokens, no such burns have been initiated.





As a result, the path to the $0.01 mark is narrow, preventing SHIB from reaching its price target. Investors may need to exercise patience for years, or even decades, to break even from the current price. The realization of becoming a millionaire from SHIB hinges on the successful token burns by Shibarium; otherwise, the dream seems elusive.Considering the impact of global macroeconomic factors on the cryptocurrency market, the prospect of a bull run remains uncertain. In conclusion, the likelihood of Shiba Inu yielding $1 million or more in profits is currently dubious, as SHIB struggles to attract buying pressure or entice new buyers.



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