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Renowned Bitcoin advocate Tuur Demeester, who accurately predicted the 2021 all-time high, anticipates a significant surge in Bitcoin’s value to $600,000 by 2026. Demeester attributes this potential price explosion to the impending wave of global bank bailouts. In his recent analysis of Bitcoin’s long-term price trajectory, Demeester suggests a minimum price of $200,000 in the coming years, with the possibility of exceeding half a million dollars. The current rise to $50,000 this week aligns with growing confidence in Bitcoin’s future upward trajectory. Support for a bullish Bitcoin price outlook centers on the transformative impact of the April block subsidy halving and the introduction of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The former reduces the production of new Bitcoin, while the latter intensifies pressure on the available supply.




Demeester emphasizes the influence of macroeconomic factors, citing the significant role of global bailouts and stimulus measures. He envisions Bitcoin’s ascent to $200-$600,000 by 2026, fueled by trillions in worldwide economic interventions. The analyst points to alarming macroeconomic indicators, such as the US government’s prioritization of interest payments over military expenditures. He suggests that the only sustainable path forward is the continuous printing of a substantial amount of money.




Demeester’s insights have sparked discussions on social media platforms, with comments highlighting systemic issues within the U.S. banking system and the anticipated future need for the government to inject liquidity to address ongoing challenges.



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