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In recent times, Ethereum has demonstrated significant growth, currently trading at $2,786, reflecting a 5.2% increase in the last 24 hours and an impressive 80% year-to-year rise. This analysis delves into the weekend price predictions for Ethereum, particularly whether it can achieve the $3,000 mark.




As per cryptocurrency experts from Changelly, the forecast for ETH over the weekend indicates a projected range between a minimum of $2,914 and a maximum of $2,963, with an anticipated average price of $2,930. Despite these projections, there is speculation that Ethereum might hit $3,000 by March. Fueled by a significant upgrade and expectations surrounding an ETH ETF, the cryptocurrency has experienced a notable 15% surge in the past seven days.




Given Bitcoin’s pursuit of new highs, the likelihood of Ethereum reaching $3,000 becomes more plausible. However, the chances of this occurring over the weekend appear slim.




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