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The ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC is set to reach a crucial juncture with an upcoming hearing on February 20th. This session is poised to conclude the extended discovery phase, generating heightened interest within the crypto community. As the proceedings advance, expectations are high for a definitive judgment that could potentially bring an end to the two-year-long legal feud. The impending hearing may introduce significant developments in the Ripple vs. SEC case, transitioning from the protracted discovery stage to a new “remedial” phase, promising tangible updates.





In legal terms, the discovery phase serves as a pretrial procedure, enabling each party to obtain essential evidence through various means such as interrogations and document requests. The approaching court session is anticipated to deliver a substantive judgment, potentially influencing the trajectory of Ripple’s legal standing.




Following the conclusion of the discovery phase, both Ripple and the SEC are required to submit legal briefs by the end of March and April. Subsequently, a court decision is expected, possibly involving remedies that Ripple must adhere to in compliance with the outcome.



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