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OpenAI has recently finalized an agreement permitting its employees to sell shares, marking the company’s valuation at $86 billion, positioning it as one of the most valuable startups globally. The deal, reportedly led by Thrive Capital, headed by Josh Kushner, has been shrouded in some details as both OpenAI and Thrive Capital declined to comment, as reported by The New York Times.




Originally scheduled for the preceding year, the share sale faced a delay after the board ousted CEO Sam Altman in November. Following Altman’s reappointment, the company is now in the process of forming a new board of directors. Apart from the recent tender offer, OpenAI is contemplating additional funding that could elevate its valuation beyond $100 billion. Simultaneously, Altman is actively raising funds to boost the global supply of cutting-edge computing chips.



OpenAI’s escalating value is notable, coming over a year after the introduction of the AI chatbot ChatGPT, which triggered an AI fervor in Silicon Valley. The company has positioned itself as a leader, securing a substantial $13 billion from Microsoft Corp. and other investors.



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