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A collaborative effort involving more than 300 experts in technology, artificial intelligence (AI), digital ethics, and child safety has issued an open letter on February 21, urging governments worldwide to take immediate steps in addressing the growing threat of deepfakes. The letter, titled “Disrupting the Deepfake Supply Chain,” emphasizes the need for government intervention to mitigate the societal impact of deepfakes.




The coalition proposes three key actions to combat the proliferation of deepfakes. Firstly, it advocates for the full criminalization of deepfake child pornography, even when involving fictional children. Additionally, the letter calls for criminal penalties for individuals knowingly involved in creating or facilitating the dissemination of harmful deepfakes. Moreover, it suggests imposing obligations on software developers and distributors to ensure that their products do not contribute to the creation of harmful deepfakes, with penalties for non-compliance.




Prominent figures, including United States politician and crypto advocate Andrew Yang, cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker, and former presidents of Estonia, are among the signatories of the letter. The diverse group of experts hails from countries such as the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and China.


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