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In a recent episode of The Agenda podcast, Atlas CEO Ben James sheds light on how generative AI can empower indie game studios on a budget and contribute to the expansion of Web3 gaming. While various crypto niches have been considered for blockchain mass adoption, Web3 gaming has emerged as a potential catalyst. The prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the crypto space has been evident, marked by significant price surges in AI-focused tokens in 2023. Despite blockchain gaming somewhat fading from public attention, AI continues to thrive, with generative AI being a standout application. This technology, exemplified by OpenAI’s DALL-E in early 2021, has become ingrained in online existence, generating content across various mediums based on user prompts.




Simultaneously, the gaming industry’s substantial worth persists, with developers discreetly incorporating blockchain elements into new games. Atlas, a startup, collaborates with numerous gaming companies, introducing generative AI to enhance gaming experiences. Ben James delves into these aspects on Episode 30 of The Agenda podcast, exploring generative AI, Web3 games, the ongoing evolution of artificial intelligence, and more.




According to James, game developers are actively addressing the negative reputation associated with crypto and NFTs, emphasizing a shift toward prioritizing the creation of superior gaming experiences over highlighting Web3 distinctions. Developers aim to leverage new technologies, including blockchain and AI, to enhance gameplay and overall user satisfaction.



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