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In a groundbreaking move, Google and Reddit have joined forces in a partnership that marks Reddit’s inaugural agreement with a major AI-focused company. Under this collaboration, Reddit will contribute its content to assist in the training of Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) models. The announcement outlines Reddit’s commitment to providing improved methods for training models, facilitating the utilization of Reddit’s data application programming interface (API) by Google. This API offers real-time access to content from Reddit’s platform, enabling the integration of Reddit’s extensive content into various Google products. As part of the collaboration, Google gains access to Vertex AI, a powerful AI service developed by Google to enhance search results for companies. It’s noteworthy that this update does not alter the terms of Reddit’s data API, maintaining restrictions on commercial access without prior approval for developers or companies.




This strategic partnership follows reports from Bloomberg about Reddit securing a $60 million training agreement with an undisclosed AI company. Reddit’s announcement of plans to charge companies for API use in the previous year has set the stage for such collaborations. Notably, this collaboration with Google signifies Reddit’s first significant agreement with a leading AI-focused company.




In 2023, Google made adjustments to its privacy policy, permitting the utilization of publicly available data for AI training. This policy update followed closely after ChatGPT developer OpenAI faced a class-action lawsuit in California, alleging the unauthorized scraping of private information from users via the internet.



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