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Several users on platform X praised Buterin for endorsing open-source software, though some pointed out Linux’s existing challenges.Open-source software allows anyone to access, modify, and enhance its source code. This accessibility enables programmers to add new features or rectify malfunctioning sections of a computer program.




Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, suggests that the open-source Linux operating system could resolve Elon Musk’s issues with Microsoft Windows OS. Buterin extended an invitation to Musk to join the desktop Linux community, a day after Musk expressed frustration about being unable to install Microsoft’s Windows OS on his new computer without a Microsoft account. While Linux shares the classification of being an operating system with Windows, iOS, and macOS, it stands out as open-source. Initially released in September 1991, Linux has gained popularity among a niche user base, with the widely-used mobile OS Android being powered by the Linux OS.




Given Buterin’s strong advocacy for open-source, his suggestion did not surprise many. While many users on platform X applauded Buterin for championing open-source software, some cautioned that Linux might not be the optimal choice for Musk, especially considering his primary focus on using the PC for gaming.



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