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Recent Shibburn data reveals a remarkable surge, with 3,759,043 SHIB tokens sent to inactive wallets within the last 24 hours. This spike in burn rate comes as a welcome relief for the SHIB community amid a recent slump in these figures.




The increased burn rate aligns with a positive trend for SHIB, showing a 33.4% rise in the past seven days and a notable 40.2% increase over the last 30 days. Presently valued at $0.0000127, SHIB has experienced an 8.7% decline in the past 24 hours. Analysts from Changelly anticipate SHIB to trade within the range of $0.00001355 to $0.00001415 over the weekend, dismissing the likelihood of reaching $0.00002.



In the same timeframe, SHIB and BTC both witnessed declines, with SHIB’s potential to reach $0.00002 in March deemed improbable. Analysts suggest a mid-2025 timeframe for SHIB to achieve this milestone, barring unforeseen shifts that might be triggered by a renewed BTC rally surpassing its all-time high.



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