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The memecoin PEPE has garnered immense attention in the cryptocurrency realm, experiencing an unprecedented surge of over 700% within a month, reaching $0.000008478. This surge is attributed to a unique combination of strong community support and a FOMO trading mentality, encouraging traders to view the meme coin in a new perspective.




Over the past seven days, PEPE has sustained its momentum, registering a gradual increase of 15%, signaling its prominence among other contemporaries. The token’s popularity has transcended borders, recently earning a spot on Newton, a reputable Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. Renowned for its stringent listing policies, Newton’s acknowledgment of PEPE’s rising popularity reflects the coin’s global appeal.




PEPE’s historic 700% surge has solidified its presence as a lasting coin within the crypto landscape. Analysts at CoinCodex suggest a potential climb to $0.000010, emphasizing the current price of PEPE at $0.00000746 with a noteworthy intraday increase of 6.40%. This sustained bullish trend indicates continued interest and optimism in the PEPE market, positioning it as a significant player in the evolving meme coin narrative. CoinCodex predicts that, looking ahead to 2024, PEPE will breach $0.00000237396, with an anticipated average trading price of $0.00000552942.



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