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Peter Schiff, a prominent advocate for gold, who has long been critical of Bitcoin, now expresses regret for not investing in the cryptocurrency when it was first introduced to him in 2010 by a colleague.




In an interview on Impact Theory with Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal on March 13, Schiff hinted at his missed opportunity with Bitcoin, acknowledging that he would have benefited financially had he invested in it earlier. Despite his previous skepticism towards Bitcoin, labeling it as a “pure ponzi” with no intrinsic value in a November 29 interview with Yahoo Finance, Schiff now admits to seriously considering investing in Bitcoin when its price was around $1. However, he ultimately opted against it, deeming the potential investment as “ridiculous.”




The interview between Pal and Schiff also delved into a debate regarding Bitcoin’s future trajectory, with discussions ranging from the possibility of its value plummeting to zero or soaring to $1 million. Reflecting on what could have been, Schiff acknowledges the potential fortune he might have amassed had he invested in Bitcoin, but remains uncertain about whether he would have held onto his investment or sold it at a higher price.


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