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A pre-sale with undisclosed details and a 24-hour window attracted significant investment, accumulating over $33 million worth of Solana tokens in less than an hour.



The pre-sale announcement, shared on X by on-chain investigator Dexter on March 18, offered early investors a larger allocation without revealing specifics about the project. Dexter hinted at the project’s ambitious nature but refrained from providing further details. Despite the lack of information, investors rushed to participate, contributing 159,300 SOL within 50 minutes of the announcement, valued at over $33 million at the time of publication, according to on-chain data.



The rapid accumulation of funds can be attributed in part to the pre-sale’s limited time frame, as Dexter explained in the X post, mentioning an early participation ratio bonus. Participants who invested earlier within the 24-hour window received more tokens per SOL sent.



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