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BONK: BONK, a recent meme-coin phenomenon akin to PEPE, has experienced a turbulent trajectory throughout March. Presently valued at $0.00002246, BONK has declined by 20% over the past week, despite previously hitting an all-time high (ATH) earlier in the month. This downturn could prompt cautious sentiments among investors, especially if the coin struggles to surpass the $0.00005 mark in subsequent rallies.




MAGA TRUMP COIN: MAGA TRUMP COIN, a cryptocurrency themed around Donald Trump, has gained momentum following the former president’s confirmation as the Republican nominee for the US Presidential Race. Its value tends to surge with Trump’s public appearances and rallies, although its foundation lacks fundamental backing, relying solely on the public persona of one individual. While the coin has witnessed a remarkable surge of over 150% since February, its future performance hinges on Trump’s political trajectory. Failure to secure the presidential nomination or a decline in its meme appeal could precipitate a crash, warranting caution despite its short-term profitability.



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