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In a concerning development, the official X account affiliated with Trezor, a renowned hardware wallet manufacturer, has been implicated in promoting fraudulent token presale activities, raising suspicions of a potential breach, possibly due to a SIM-swap attack. The situation came to light when independent blockchain investigator ZachXBT alerted his substantial following of 528,000 on X about the suspicious activities on March 19. Almost immediately after, Crypto security service Scam Sniffer corroborated the findings, identifying the dubious behavior.




Numerous posts originating from Trezor’s official account encouraged users to participate in a spurious presale for a fictitious token named Trezor “$TRZR” on the Solana network. These posts directed users to transfer funds to a Solana wallet address, alongside links leading to wallet-draining schemes. Further scrutiny by ZachXBT revealed that the hacker had managed to siphon approximately $8,100 from Trezor’s Zapper account, a revelation he shared with his audience, highlighting the relatively modest haul considering the magnitude of the breach.




In a puzzling twist, the fraudulent posts also made mention of a purported new memecoin called Slerf on the Solana network, presumably as a tactic to generate additional interest. However, many of these suspect posts were promptly removed mere minutes after being published, indicating potential efforts to mitigate the damage and contain the fallout.


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