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FTX, the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange, is set to sell its $1 billion stake in Anthropic, an artificial intelligence firm, as part of its strategy to settle bankruptcy debts, as reported by CNBC on March 22. Current investors like Google and Amazon have reportedly shown no interest in acquiring the stake.




Anthropic is currently in talks with potential investors to finalize the sale within the next few weeks. Sources familiar with the matter, who requested anonymity due to the ongoing financial negotiations, revealed that the sale is being facilitated through a special purpose vehicle (SPV). SPVs are separate legal entities often utilized by bankrupt companies to meet their financial obligations.




The report also mentions that Saudi Arabia has been excluded from participating in the purchase due to purported national security concerns. However, it’s unclear whether this restriction applies solely to state investors or extends to individual or corporate investors with ties to Saudi Arabia operating in foreign jurisdictions. Notably, the shares being sold are “Class B” non-voting shares.



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